Electrician Maintenance For Property

The stresses of owning and maintaining a rental property or series of tenants can be many, and when something goes wrong with your property it is vital that the problem be solved quickly, effectively and to a standard that ensures it won’t happen again. Electrical maintenance on your property can be an ongoing expense that creates headache after headache, and Smithco understands that finding good quality electrical maintenance for property can be challenging. Smithco Electrical Services provides a wide range of services for property owners and landlords, and has a significant amount of experience working alongside our clients in this sector to ensure that they receive the highest quality standards possible. If you need general repairs and electrical maintenance done on your property, electrical faults identified and corrected quickly and effectively, and work to be done in a timely manner and with the least amount of disruption and fuss possible, then Smithco is the electrician you can rely on for all of your electrical maintenance needs.

Property Management

If there is an issue with your property that you are not physically able to examine and identify, then this can add another layer of stress and concern to the problem at hand. We understand that property managers and landlords are not able to be at their properties at a moment’s notice when things go wrong, and that it is vital to contact someone who can be trusted to identify the problem, find the best solution and fix things to a high quality standard, all whilst potentially unsupervised. Smithco value our clients’worries and concerns, and strive to provide the most transparent and honest electrical maintenance for property services possible.


Maintenance For Property Services

As part of our electrical maintenance service, we guarantee to make contact with your tenant(s) and book your job in within 8 hours of receiving your work order, so that we can have your problem addressed and the solution provided as soon as possible. We also offer a free key pick up and drop off service, so as to make the whole process simpler and less time consuming, as well as before and after photography that we can send to you for verification that the job has been completed on your property to your satisfaction. For jobs that are of a top priority and need urgent attention, Smithco also have a 24/7 emergency electrical service, which can come out to visit your property at any time.

Specific Electrical Maintenance and Repair

Liaising with a company that can provide high quality electrical maintenance for property can seem straightforward, until it comes down to discussing cost. Smithco have a long history of working with landlords and property managers, and our good relationships with owners in this sector stem from our ability to get your job completed quickly, and as cost effectively as possible. We provide a transparent, honest and trustworthy service, and we take care to fully discuss with you the finer details of your job, prior to making considered recommendations and planning out our work in advance. At Smithco we appreciate the importance of being consultative and open to input from our clients, so feel free to discuss with us your specific electrical maintenance and repair needs, and we will work with you to find the best solution for you, no matter what your property’s requirements are.

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