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At Smithco, our experience covers a broad range of sectors including commercial and residential, but an area that is often under-serviced is the public sector, in which Smithco has a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

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Our experience and capability in completing high-quality jobs within the public sector is what sets us apart from many other electricity companies Auckland relies on, as public sector work can be complex and challenging. We understand and appreciate the particular requirements and concerns that need to be addressed when completing work in public sector buildings and institutions, and pride ourselves on working within these frameworks and completing jobs to a high standard. We have experience working in primary and secondary schools as well as child care and day care centres, and are committed to the health and safety of students and members of staff alike. Having a safe workspace that children and other professionals are not affected by in any manner is paramount to our work and completing a job successfully, and it is something we take very seriously.


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Completing work in retirement centres and assisted living facilities, as well as hospitals, medical practices and care homes is something that Smithco are more than capable of doing, and doing to a high standard. At Smithco we appreciate that additional care needs to be taken to ensure that the health and safety standards applicable to each facility are met, and that our work does not infringe upon these. As such, we are more than prepared to work after-hours or on weekends so as to minimise disruption to the running of these facilities – we see the value in taking a caring and understanding approach to public sector jobs, and will work with staff and management to ensure that our work does not inconvenience anyone involved.

For technically specific jobs such as security lighting and the installation of emergency power supplies, energy efficient lighting installations including emergency lighting, switchboard upgrades and data cabling requirements, or any specific electrical requirements that are unique to each facility including refrigeration, heating and cooling, and lighting solutions, we are able to tailor our work to suit any and all needs that are required. We are highly consultative and open to input from our clients, so feel free to discuss with us your specific needs, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your facility.We pride ourselves on our cooperation and total respect for clients within the public sector and will sit down with you to fully discuss the finer details of your job, before providing considered recommendations and planning for the job in advance. We take real care in the interests and possessions of the people at each specific facility, and will do our utmost to ensure that our work creates minimal disturbance and with no impact on the day to day comings and goings of your clients. At Smithco, we measure our success in the public sector on the satisfaction of our clients and on the comfort of theirs, and it is this approach that has made Smithco the trusted public sector electrician in Auckland.

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